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Single Nut RSIT, With screw thread for rolled spindles

Category: Cylindrical Nut

Cylindrical single nut RSIT with screw thread

Cylindrical single nut for rolled and ground ballscrew spindles. Rolled ballscrews have the advantage of less friction and smoother running in the feed systems compared to conventional threads. Rolled ballscrews from HIWIN can be used with great versatility in almost all areas of the industry. Rolled ballscrew spindles can be shipped with a short delivery time with corresponding stockkeeping in the diameter range from 8 mm to 63 mm.


Table dimensions of the nut

  • R10-02,5T2-RSIT and R10-04T2-RSIT without wiper, R08-02,5T2-RSIT and R12-04B1-RSIT with single-sided polyamide wiper.


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