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Cantilever axes KC4

The HIWIN cantilever axes KC4 consist of a mobile axle assembly and a stationary drive housing. The mobile axle assembly holds the load. It consists of an anodized aluminum profile. The aluminum profile is driven by a toothed belt and guided by rollers or guideways. The aluminum profile is very rigid and can be loaded with up to 50 kg (depending to the model used).

The toothed belt axes excel with outstanding flexibility in terms of motor mounting as well as numerous options such as roller guide or recirculating ball bearing guide as well as cover strips. The toothed belt axes lend themselves for dynamic positioning of loads over short and long distances.

The linear axes product family consists of the following sizes:

  • KC41Bx (cross section axis body 40x40 mm)
  • KC42Bx (cross section axis body 60x60 mm)
  • KC43Bx (cross section axis body 80x80 mm)
  • KC44Bx (cross section axis body 110x110 mm)

The sizes differ in terms of outer dimensions, drive data, payload capacities and maximum stroke.

Main advantages:

  • Driving block with drill holes and T-slots on two sides for easy and flexible mounting
  • Load can be fixed to the two end blocks and to one of the sides using the T-slots
  • Quick-coupling system for simple motor assembly
  • Stroke lengths of up to 1200 mm


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