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The owner of the cncland.eu website is the company:

CNC LAND s.c. Robert Milek, Miroslaw Baranowski

Gen. Anders 26 St., 15-124 Bialystok, Poland

1Information on the cncland.eu not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 The Polish Civil Code and Polish Law.

2Estimates, drawings and documents are protected under intellectual property law, and if their manufacturer is CNC LAND company, their property, and their copying and distribution to third parties requires the written consent of CNC LAND.

3The final acceptance of the products and services internet order, and its terms must be confirmed or denied by CNC LAND company

4Filing a complaint does not relieve Buyer of the obligation to pay for invoice. Complaints are implemented indyvidually with close contact with the Customer.

5Technical information and specifications about the products, technical drawings, product images, Hiwin® logos and names with Hiwin® word belong to the HIWIN® GmbH company.

6CNC LAND does not grant permission and does not deals with the granting of permits for the public use of elements from the point 5 above. Public use is defined as the use on internet websites, banners, displays, commercials, standalone elements.