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High rigidity with mounting holes (CRBE) consisted of an inner ring and an outer ring with mounting holes. Because there are mounting holes, so it can be fixed directly and it is suitable for rotating of inner ring and outer ring both.

HIWIN Crossed Roller Bearing is mainly consisted of an outer ring, an inner ring, a plurality of rollers and a plurality of spacers. The roller lies between the inner ring and the outer ring. The spacer is placed between rollers to prevent the mutual friction between rollers so as to decrease the torque resistance for rotation. In addition, the surface of the roller and the rolling track is linear contact. So, when the bearing is loaded, the loading area will be very large. Thus, the elastic deformation will be less, and the bearing will achieve a long service life. Each roller in Crossed Roller Bearing is crossed at 90° angle, which is able to bear the loading force from axial, radial and the other direction at the same time.


Tables specifications of CRBE bearings



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